SAM&SARA together to NIRVANA

Text & illustrations by Christine Schnoell



A new illustrated series has been created telling the story of 

Sam&Sara, a wonderful friendship between a tomcat and a girl,

who decide to embark on a great journey to find NIRVANA. 

They could never have imagined what awaited them on their journey........



Chapter 1

How to be happy ?





One evening, while the parents were sleeping and the full moon shone so brightly into the child’s room that Sam&Sara simply couldn’t sleep, they decided to creep quietly up to the dark attic of the old house. The country house was hundreds of years old and the decrepit wooden staircase creaked with every step, making Sam’s fur bush with excitement. A beam of light shone under the gabled roof pointing towards a bookshelf filled with many books.

“This is grandma’s library….. let’s see what books she read!”

Sam&Sara loved stories and they missed Grandma so very much because she was the best at reading bedtime stories……




When they stood in front of the huge bookshelf, which looked ready to collapse under the weight of the many old books and knick knacks, the beam of light pointed exactly to one book.

Sam&Sara got goosebumps reading the title…..’How to be Happy’….

“Is there a secret to happiness?” asked Sara.

Sam looked at her somewhat confused.

Although, Grandma was always very happy, content and kind to everyone, even to animals and even ants…..but she was a grandma and grandmas are like that thought Sara.

Suddenly they heard Mums voice from below, “Oh dear!” Sara

grabbed the book and both scurried quickly back down the steep stairs and back into their cozy bed.

Mum came in:  “you should have been asleep long ago Sara, otherwise the cat will have to go out!…”

“No!, I can’t sleep without Sam, it’s just the moonlight” said Sara defiantly.

Mum closed the curtains fully and gave Sara a kiss, not noticing the book under the covers that Sam&Sara were hiding.

“Hic!”, Sam always gets hiccups when it’s a close call and that was

a close call.

“So now we can read!” Sara whispered……




They carefully opened the book.

It seemed to them that the book glowed from within, or was that just the moonlight?.

“Okay Grandma, as you’re no longer here, then I’ll read it to us…..”

and from somewhere deep inside Sara’s heart came a feint “yes…”

“Sam!” Sara looked deeply into his glowing cat eyes, “did you just say yes?”

Sam shook his head and began to gnaw at Sara’s hair.

“Stop it Sam!” , Sara smiled, I know you’re a cat and can’t say yes, but I heard a feint yes…..hmmn.

Okay let’s start:

Happiness.    It says here : EACH OF US WOULD LIKE TO BE HAPPY…..

“Yes, that’s right isn’t it Sam? We do want that…..

Each of us tries to avoid problems and find peace. No matter where we live, what culture or race we belong to, what religion or philosophy we follow, what language we speak, we all want to be happy and not have any problems. That is the wish of every living being’….. including cats Sam?

Sara smiled and Sam nodded and purred loudly.

‘But so often our intention to experience happiness leads to more 


Sara read. Sam&Sara looked at each other knowingly and sighed deeply,

“yes we know!”

Whenever Mum grabbed Sam and said that the cat has to go out, Sara&Sam were dreadfully unhappy……..




Sam pressed his head a little harder on Sara's cheek and his whiskers tickled her nose and she had to laugh and sneeze at the same time, which led to a repeated ‚hatschiiiiihihihihi!'

When she opened her eyes again, Sam was gone. 


Sara heard a faint hiccup under her bed. 

She smiled - 'Oh, I think we really need to learn to meditate now so that you don't get so scared! I'll read on now ... ’- and whoosh, Sam was next to her again.

'We need to understand the full potential of our minds and the importance of loving-kindness for our own happiness and the happiness of others…. Meditation is the best tool for finding lasting peace and happiness for us, and more importantly, for everyone else.


You see, Sam - like I just said - we have to learn to meditate. And here is another exercise:


Imagine that everyone you meet - in all circumstances - fulfills your wishes.

That is the key to being happy.

The sun of true happiness shines in your life as you begin to cherish others.


Phew, wow - that sounds wonderful - but does that also apply to mommy? And for the stupid cow in my class who always pulls my pigtails?'

Sam rolled his eyes over and nudged Sara's cheek with his cold nose .....

'Yes, you're right Sam, I know ... it also applies for mom and the stupid cow...'‚

Sam was not satisfied and nudged again. 

'Okay, yes, yes, for mom and the stu… dear cow !!! Hahaha!’

Sam purred and made his cat giggle.

That was the sign to go to sleep. 

Grandma always said you should only go to sleep with a happy heart, then nice dreams come and that was exactly what the two wanted, sweet dreams of happiness.





                                                                                                           TO BE CONTINUED SOON.....  

Thanks for visiting this page ... Christine 

Adventures of  SAM&SARA

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